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frequently asked questions

  • How is holistic nutrition different?
    A Holistic Nutritionist is a health practitioner who is educated in the connections between body, mind, and spirit. The approach applied is preventing and healing health issues through nutritious natural foods and products, with the “Whole” person in mind. Lifestyle, environment, diet, mental, and emotional well-being are all considered and supported as opposed to supporting and treating one symptom in isolation.
  • What methods do you use?
    I provide accountability while working with you on breaking unhealthy habits, and changing your mindset about yourself, food and health. During our time together you will get targeted nutritional, supplements, and herbal remedy recommendations from me.
  • How do I know if I can benefit from the 1:1 Coaching?
    Individualized 1:1 coaching enables your program to be completely personalized to what your needs and concerns are. Everyone has a different lifestyle and so each program should be tailored to get maximum results.
  • What are the areas or issues that we can work on together?
    We will work on your diet and lifestyle changes, education on building sustainable habits that stick, detoxification, cravings, stress management and so much more. Focusing on the root causes of your main symptoms is key to a successful healing journey.
  • Are nutrition consultations covered by insurance?
    Holistic Nutrition services may be covered within your extended benefits plan. After each session, you will receive a receipt with all relevant information to send to your insurance company. However, if seeing a nutritionist is dependent on insurance coverage, it is always best to check with your insurance company first.  If you have Equitable Life, Manulife, iA Financial Group, GreenShield Canada, ClaimSecure Inc., or Blue Cross Alberta coverage, please check that nutritional consultation by an NNCP is covered.  This applies if your coverage includes nutrition or nutritional counseling services. Note that some insurance companies such as Sunlife now offer some employers a Personal Spending Account within which Nutrition Counseling is covered
  • How are your practice and support different? And how do I know it’s worth it?
    I believe that clients reach out for help not because they lack information, but because they are overloaded. I offer to help them decipher what’s true for them, how to apply it to their life, and to give them the confidence to follow through with care.  I’m the nutritionist that spends over 3 hours researching your case and developing protocols, speaks with you for hours, and checks in with you between appointments. Insurance pays for the bare minimum to keep you alive, surviving not thriving. And that’s why I have a private practice. Public health care simply can't give the level of care that I give. Your health is the best investment you’ll ever make both in the short and long term.
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