about Wholeness by mona

Mona's Core Values

Small Consistent steps 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”  – W. Durant


Consistent small shifts are key to success. Achieving your optimal health and living a life that is filled with big and small joys can only happen when you constantly make yourself the priority.


Long-term health & sustainable habit building

I teach my clients how to build healthier lifestyles that will prevent disease and uncomfortable health symptoms in the future.



I believe there is always plenty of time and helpful resources flow to us effortlessly. They truly do. 


Personal responsibility 

As health-enthusiasts, we take responsibility for our choices minute by minute, and we reap the rewards of our progress and growth.  


Service & support for action-oriented individuals 

My clients are action-oriented, open, and willing to step up. They are ready to see what is possible and to identify truths and patterns they couldn’t before. To feel their best, they must look deeper and be willing to upgrade to a new mindset.

Meet Mona from Wholeness By Mona

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.
- Hippocrates


does this sound like you?

You’re a chronic dieter struggling with feeling like a failure when it comes to following diets and your overall health. You're doing all the right, ‘healthy’ things so that you can feel better, but most of the time you just end up feeling tired, inflamed, bloated, constipated, intense cravings, breaking out and experiencing low mood.


If you…


Feel like nothing is working no matter how much you workout or eat healthy or avoid desserts,

Are obsessed with being healthy and losing weight has completely taken over your life, 

Feel like you’re not getting the full story through traditional channels of health information,

Are sick of your mood swings and PMS taking a huge toll on your entire system every single month, 


I can relate, and you’re in the right place! 

as a nutritionist...

I don’t believe in any fad diets out there but do know that health is the greatest wealth.


At the beginning of my journey I still wasn't at peace with food or with my body. I have gone through a phase of fearing unhealthy foods myself, and trying all sorts of conventional non-food approaches to heal my skin and digestive inflammation, but I eventually realized that being healthy isn't as complicated as diet culture would have us believe.


I started breaking down all the confusing information on health. And incorporated simple, sustainable habits that actually fit into my routine. Habits I could stick to without feeling constricted.

I saw the impact this had in my life, as well as my clients, and I haven't looked back since.

Holistic Nutritionist Wholeness By Mona

Meet Mona

I’m Mona Rasi, a Holistic Nutritionist and Nutrition Writer, helping and inspiring you to take control of your well-being one step at a time. 


Following undergraduate studies in business economics and a diploma in Nutrition Science in Iran (my home country), I decided to follow the path I was put here on earth for and started studying to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto campus, in 2016.


I’m now a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners (CANNP) as a clinical nutritionist with over 4 years of experience providing care and support for my clients. My prior experience in the integrative health industry includes retail sales of nutritional supplements as well as working in a natural compounding pharmacy and integrative medical clinic.

My health story

I “get” what it feels like to suffer from chronic digestive and hormonal issues as I have dealt with them myself for over a decade. I understand the physical and emotional complexities of gut problems, imbalanced hormone struggles, and feeling not good about yourself.  


I had tried everything to heal my digestive & skin symptoms conventionally, but I felt lost and frustrated in the end. Feeling so drained emotionally that I ended up binge eating to escape facing my fears and unfulfilled desires.


I was disconnected from my heart and wisdom especially the times when I was afraid, confused, and scattered. My symptoms would keep coming back, and I was relying on pharmaceutical medication that I knew were just band-aids.

the new identity

Wholeness by Mona was born out of all this trial & error & suffering to provide support for those who feel ready to unlearn the limiting beliefs about themselves (such as, “I have to take medication for the rest of my life”, “X is irreversible”, “I am broken”, or “Y is never cured” etc.) edit those beliefs and upgrade to a new identity.


The mindset reprogramming and identity expansion will allow you to feel more energized, joyful, and at peace within yourself. Well-being is about self-acceptance and fixing your relationship with food, your outer environment, and most importantly yourself.


What I do in my nutrition practice

There’s so much conflicting information, at our fingertips these days that it’s easy to become overwhelmed, confused, and defeated.

In the past, traditional institutions like universities, professional organizations, and those who provided health care services like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians were the only authorities in the field of health.


But today we have access to a vast amount and variety of sources of health information and most of us never hear the full story. There’s always more to consider for any given health topic and nutrition. 


Getting a variety of credible viewpoints so that you can make a truly informed decision shouldn’t be this hard.


I now guide frustrated and skeptical beings to find health by changing their mindset and lifestyle while stacking good habits. I’m deeply passionate about mindfully honoring and nourishing the body and soul, with food and nature, and inspiring others to reconnect with their innate wisdom and unique gifts within. 


On this journey, I use tools such as functional lab tests and analysis, as well as nutritional and herbal supplements to solve the root cause of your problem.


My goal is to help others get closer to their wholeness (aka their Whole self), be in harmony and peace within themselves, and to inspire them on living holistically every day by understanding the connection between their gut and brain. 


If you are interested in working with me I expect you to want at least as much for yourself.


Thank you for stopping by!

Find out more about the great services I can offer you on your health journey!

Fun facts

Very seriously. (Like I take my support of your health) 

How I approach my morning routine

I grew up in a big city called Tehran. After earning my B.A. in Business economics and marketing from Tabatabai University in Iran, I moved to Canada with my family and have been living in Toronto for 8 years. I’m currently based here in Vaughan, north of Toronto.

Where I’ve been and where I am

I’m often working because I love what I do and I can work from anywhere. But when I take a break from supporting my clients, I ground myself and re-fuel in nature, spending time with my fiancé and our sweet dog-ter, Luna.

How I spend my days

Maybe because I’m from the middle east, but the perfect flavor combo in my opinion is pistachio+cardamom+rose.And I drink saffron and ginger tea quite often for a happy mood.

My favorite flavors