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My Health story & Why I Love What I Do

Updated: May 13, 2023

I “get” what it feels like to suffer from chronic digestive and hormonal issues as I have dealt with them myself for over a decade. I understand the physical and emotional complexities of gut problems, imbalanced hormone struggles, and feeling not good about yourself. I had tried everything to heal my digestive & skin symptoms conventionally, but I felt lost and frustrated in the end. Feeling so drained emotionally that I ended up binge eating to escape facing my fears and unfulfilled desires. I was disconnected from my heart and wisdom especially the times when I was afraid, confused, and scattered. My symptoms would keep coming back, and I was relying on pharmaceutical medication that I knew were just band-aids.

The new identity

Wholeness by Mona was born out of all this trial & error & suffering to provide support for those who feel ready to unlearn the limiting beliefs about themselves (such as, “I have to take medication for the rest of my life”, “X is irreversible”, “I am broken”, or “Y is never cured” etc.) edit those beliefs and upgrade to a new identity. The mindset reprogramming and identity expansion will allow you to feel more energized, joyful, and at peace within yourself. Well-being is about self-acceptance and fixing your relationship with food, your outer environment, and most importantly yourself.

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