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How Gut Health Affects Your Skin?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

By now we all know that your gut health affects your skin health. Sometimes skin issues like frequent breakouts, irritation, and eczema send you down Google rabbit holes for weeks. The link between what you eat and breakouts appearing on your skin can become topics you constantly try to read about to find a solution for.

What are you eating that’s triggering a reaction in your body and on your skin?

Well, If you are an adult dealing with acne or any other recurring skin condition, this blog post is going to be helpful for you to understand the connection between your gut and skin. After you’re done reading I encourage you to start thinking about not just what you eat but how and when you eat food as well.

This article uncovers a missing piece in healing from all skin problems. It will provide actionable steps to begin healing and improving your skin  from within. I will also go over my own experience struggling with hormonal acne for more than a decade! and how I managed to take control of my symptoms.

clear skin from inside out

Healing the gut is the way to find clear Skin

Remember healing your gut and therefore clearing your skin take time. In my holistic nutrition approach we don’t buy into quick fixes and band-aid solutions for gut and skin problems. Instead we get to the root cause of your skin issue and figure out sustainable methods to eliminate it for good. It all starts with understanding the importance and power of a balanced diet in having a beautiful skin.

Everything we eat has to go through your digestive system to become a part of your system. Think about your body’s relationship with food as one of the most intimate and intricate ones.

But what is a healthy gut?

For more than 10 years I was dealing with adult cystic acne on my jawline and around my mouth that would never get clear no matter what topical or oral medication I took.  It affected my self esteem until I was put on some low dose birth control pill to balance my hormones. Little did I know that the pills are wrecking havoc in my body and just creating an even bigger imbalance within my body.

After getting into holistic nutrition and understanding the gut and skin connection from a different angel I was able to change my diet and eating habits and in a few months I started seeing improvements in my Acne. I don’t want anyone to go through the trial and error phase that I did. It’s frustrating and affects many aspects of your life. That’s why I’m offering to help those women who are dealing with acne get to the root cause of this issue.

lemon water

Here are my 5 simple ways to have a healthy gut fix your eating habits and get clear skin

1. Take a look at stressors in your life and actively reduce the ones you can control

Chronic high levels of stress impacts your entire body. Your gut is one of the main systems that is negatively affected by stress. I understand that some sources of stress are chronic or may be out of your hands. Not all of them though, so try different ways like consistently meditating, journaling, walking, gentle workout, spending time with loved ones, painting, spending time with your pets, decreasing your caffeine and alcohol intake, and of course belly laughing.

2. Chew your food properly and eat slowly

Eating and digestion process begins in the mouth. When you eat slowly as you pay more attention to your food, your brain and the entire digestive system are getting the signal to help promote the absorption of nutrients leading to better gut health.

woman sleeping on side with white blanket

3. Try to prioritize getting a good night’s sleep

Believe it or not, uninterrupted sleep can play a significant role in your gut health. You may have experienced that the nights you are unable to get quality sleep, the following day you tend to  crave more sweet and salty snack which can contribute to more sleep issues. Bear in mind, any habit that affects your diet and nutrition will automatically put you in a broken cycle.

To have a glowing youthful skin, begin getting into sleep mode 10 minutes earlier each nigh, turning off blue light devices, dimming lights and taking sleep promoting herbal infusions or essential oils are good habits to stack for a better and consistent bedtime routine.

4. Be mindful of your diet and make changes to see results

If you tend to experience symptoms such as cramping, pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, nausea, fatigue, and acid reflux, along with other skin irritations, you may be suffering from a food intolerance, sensitivity or allergy.

To pinpoint which foods are causing trouble for you, try eliminating common trigger foods such as all dairy, nuts and seeds, gluten, etc. to check and see if your symptoms improve.  Most of the times people notice positive changes in their digestive health and a improvement in skin by simply changing some eating habits.

plant base anti inflammatory diet

Cut out processed, high-sugar, and high-fat foods from your daily diet. Get help if you find it hard or don’t know how to start. Refined fats, processed food, additives, colors, preservatives, all put a burden on your gut health. Include plenty of whole un processed plant-based foods in your diet as much as you can. Focus on and lean protein sources, legumes, and fiber to positively help your gut to heal faster.  whole plant foods can contribute tremendously to a healthy gut microbiome thanks to their phytonutrients and high fiber content.

5. Stay hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of water based on your weight and level of activity has been shown to have a beneficial effect on keeping your digestive tract lubricated and your colon healthy. Use simple methods to remind yourself to drink water by making cold brews such as herbal tea infusions or putting fruits and fresh leaves in your water.

My favorite is lemon slices, strawberry pieces and lemon balm leaves. The water soluble vitamins like C sip into your water this way and make your water even more nutritious.

Something as simple as hydration not only improves the elimination of toxins but it gifts you a clear and smooth complexion.

I you are tired of searching for solutions to get rid of your acne or any other skin problem, start implementing these tips into your daily routine. I’m offering to hold you accountable on your journey to get clear skin from the inside out.

If you are interested in learning more about clean and natural skincare products I use, take a look at Beauty By Earth. (Save10% with ten code BEAUTYBYEARTH)

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