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Benefits of Locally Grown Food

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

How often do you think about the origin of your food and whether it is considered locally grown food?

Are the vegetables and fruits you normally buy, grown locally?  Where I live in Canada most people are so used to buying produce that is available at grocery stores and imported from somewhere in the world.

I talk a lot about responsible eating as I think it’s a fundamental topic to understand to practice holistic living. You’ve most probably been directed to this post because you are curious about it too. In this article I’m going to go over some of the reasons why I think consuming locally grown food is beneficial both for ourselves and the planet.

We know that nutrition has a big influence on our health. However today, we also know that what we eat has a big influence on our environment our society and our magnificent planet earth.

Some odd things have become normal about our produce

If you pay attention to the concept of grocery, you’ll notice, it is easier to find chemically enhanced and genetically engineered foods, or foods that have travelled to us from hundreds and thousands of miles away than it is to find real, natural food from our nearest surroundings. I never use to think about the fact that preserved and prematurely picked foods outnumber fresh foods. We pick some produce prematurely in order for them to withstand the long shipping times until they arrive at our local store.

Amidst our busy lives we may have accepted all this as the norm, and may not give too much thought to it, yet it is all far from normal.

red apples, tangerine and pears with stickers

Benefits of using locally grown food

Whether you are a citizen of the United States, or Canada, or India or Chile we are all citizens of planet Earth, and what we each do, impacts us all. As more of us continue to realize that we don’t like what we see, we are making a commitment to change. Food is one of the way via which we can bring change to save ourselves and the environment.

The foundation of this change lies in choosing local and organic foods to fuel our bodies and to support a collective state of health. A change that is able to bring more healing and harmony to the planet we live on.

I used to disagree with that fact that as consumers we have more power than we realize yet over time my perspective has changed and here’s why:

1.Reducing the intake of chemicals

We deserve high quality, healing, natural, wholesome, nutrient dense foods. The intake of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers cause a major burden on our health and weight. By choosing locally grown and organic foods we support traditional farming methods which guarantee a safer and healthier food cycle. Stepping away from producing & consuming foods that are sprayed with chemicals which lacks nutrients must be our priority in life.

By buying organic, and from local farmers you trust, you avoid the problems associated with GM foods. Organic foods are not allowed to be genetically engineered, therefore they are better for the body and the planet.

3. Supporting the local farmers

The big farms and corporations have enough money. The essence of those practices has always been more profit and we all know that. We can’t expect them to care about our well being by giving personal attention to every patch of land and animal the same way that small farmers can and do.

In my opinion those who grow the most natural, wholesome crops in their farms and feed people are one of the most important members of our communities. With every food choice you make and dollar you spend that supports them, you are saying “thank you”. If we want the highest quality, most natural, wholesome and fresh food, then we have to help support those who are able to provide us with such food.

Locally grown fruits

4.Getting higher quality and nutrient dense foods

Produce at the grocery store is usually packaged nicely for you on the shelf, but you have no idea about the conditions it grew in, was prepared or packed in.

When you buy local, organic food directly from farms or markets, you do not get influenced by any fancy advertising and marketing.  Locally grown food doesn’t need to distract you from the actual quality of the food. You get what you see and it is especially great if you build a trustworthy relationship with the farmer you are buying from.

Although local, organic grocery store options are available, nothing beats buying directly from the source, like a farm or CSA (community supported agriculture). This way you know that you are getting the freshest, most nutrient rich foods. You bypass the problems associated with produce being picked too early. If the food you buy needs to travel for some period of time before it sits at the grocery store for another while, we will face an issue.

Locally grown produce on the other hand is usually picked at its prime, which means the plant naturally had a chance to fully mature. Therefore it contains the richest concentrations of nutrients. No enhancers, no hormones had to be added to help it do, what nature does naturally.

5.Saving Money

This is especially true if the produce you buy from local farmers is in season. To save even more money, consider growing your own vegetables, or join a CSA or local, organic pick-your-own farm.


Our health and the health of our planet is speaking to us, asking for our attention. The question is are we willing to listen? Our everyday food choices have direct effects on our world and our health. This is why choosing to eat seasonally and locally is beneficial not only for ourselves but for our planet too. Let’s use our power to drive positive change, responsibility, and contribute to our world in a sustainable and meaningful way.

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