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Taking a functional systems approach in healing, including nutrition, the microbiome, stress management and more.

Ready to start your health journey?

Learn to rewrite your own healing story and live a healthy life every day with small consistent steps

I help you go from stressed and tired to at peace and energized through holistic practices.  No matter where you are on your health journey, I’m here to help you start living your most nourished life.

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Nutritional Consulting

I believe food can be used as medicine and my goal is to teach you how to improve your well-being through proper nutrition, movement, and improved mental health. I specialize in gut-brain connection, mindset reprogramming, self-acceptance, and eating habits.

Ready to change your life for good?

Meet Mona

Hi! I'm Mona a holistic nutritionist and wellness writer. My goal is to help those ready to get to the root cause of their uncomfortable symptoms. I work with you on the “why" behind your habits to start living a more energized, fulfilled, and joyful life. 


My vision is to help every one of my clients get closer to their wholeness (their Whole Self), understand the gut-brain connection, be in harmony and at peace within themselves, and inspire them to live holistically every day.


I hope my work motivates you to slow down, tune in, and reconnect with the simple practices most beneficial to your health and well-being; nature, intuition, community, and real food.

Gut-Brain Nutritionist
Nutrition For Mental Health

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8 simple strategies to keep your cravings in check!

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Mona is educated on the latest nutritional science and offers practical advice that I can easily implement. She has helped me add foods to my diet to improve my health and I can tell she truly cares about her clients. When I’ve eaten foods that aren’t the most nutritious, Mona reminds me to have self-compassion and has been instrumental in helping me create a healthy life all around. I would highly recommend Mona to anyone interested in having a partner on the path of wellness.   


~ Ashley S.

It's time to finally...

  • Be at peace with food and your body

  • Build sustainable and nourishing eating habits without guilt 

  • Steer away from any food or habit that is distancing you from your wholeness

  • End feeling overwhelmed with all the bogus nutrition advice out there

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